About Us

Eagle Eye Patrol Inc. is a privately-owned, licensed, and fully-qualified security services agency serving a large number of industries and areas. We offer dedicated, professional, and custom security services solutions to businesses and individuals. The industries we serve include individual businesses, business parks, religious centers, educational institutes, childcare facilities, construction sites, hotels and gated communities, apartments and condos, malls, healthcare centers, and several others.

Following rigorous industry and international standards, our security practices and protocols continually evolve.

We invest heavily in the latest security tech as well as personnel training to ensure that what you entrust to us remains protected and untouchable. Our security services are grounded on the principles of high integrity and ethical transparency. We train our security officers to work as deterrent controls — to discourage those who may seek to disrupt the peace of security of your premises or organization.

As we serve a large variety of industries, we understand that blanket security solutions simply do not work. That is why we communicate with our clients openly to understand the context of their security needs and objectives. We then work towards our experienced security consultants to devise plans that will ensure the utmost safety of our clients and their interests.

That said, there are security best practices that always deliver. For malls, residential areas, industrial parks, and such, established security standards are followed to ensure maximum protection of all assets with minimum liability.

At Eagle Eye Patrol Inc. we work with local and federal law enforcement agencies to uphold the security of not only our clients but our larger community, too.

If you are looking for professional security services with years of experience and expertise, trust Eagle Eye Patrol Inc. to deliver you the sense of security you need.