Mobile Patrol Security

Don’t leave your premises unguarded

Hire our security patrol services in Orange County for the most dependable mobile security. Whether you are looking for flexible patrol security for a one-time security need or something more consistent, Eagle Eye Patrol Inc. is a licensed and privately owned security company you can trust.

Our officers are equipped with the latest technology and training to swiftly and efficiently respond to security alarms, breaches, and incidents. When you are looking for active monitoring, deterrence, and emergency aid, our patrol security services in Orange County deliver effective and tailor-made solutions.

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Hire the Most Vigilant Patrol Officers in Town!

Our patrol officers provide impactful services against theft, loss, and vandalism. With their regular and variable patrols, our mobile units work as watchful crime deterrents that serve as a warning even when they aren’t visible. Variable patrols ensure that no criminal elements can anticipate patrol routine and use it for any lawbreaking activities. They also offer access control, security surveillance, and incident management services.

You can use our mobile patrol service in Orange County to keep an eye on high-traffic areas, large properties, construction sites, and remote locations, as well as to serve as nighttime guards. They can monitor the designated and surrounding area to look for signs of trespassing, vandalism, parking violations, or other suspicious activities.

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What Do Our Patrol Officers Do?

Our security patrol services in Orange County are a custom-made solution perfect for clients who are looking to keep their premises secure but don’t need a full-time guard. Providing security mostly through regular and random patrols, our mobile patrol is a flexible security coverage when and where you need it.

Some of the typical duties of our patrol security officers include:

  • Strategic, routine patrols to ensure maximum security coverage of the area
  • Keeping security checks and ensuring access points are always secure
  • Responding to emergency calls, security alarms, and safety breaches
  • Collaborating with local law enforcement in times of emergency and crisis
  • Providing preventive measures as a crime deterrent presence

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Why Choose Eagle Eye Patrol Inc.?

Our patrol officers are highly-trained, and experienced, and come with meticulous professionalism. You’ll find them vigilant, keen, and courteous. Further empowered by state-of-the-art patrol vehicles, our patrol officers prevent criminal activities, respond to emergencies, and maintain premises security with all their might.

If you are looking for comprehensive patrol security services solutions that cannot be compromised, contact us today to learn how we can help you keep your spaces safe.

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