Standing Guard

Steady Protection at All Times With Standing Guards

Standing guard hiring leads to helping maintain a safe and orderly environment wherever you are. Rather than patrolling or moving around, standing guards maintain a fixed position at a specific location, providing you with steady and smart security protection that is always there.

Since most petty crimes are crimes of opportunity, our standing guards serve as immovable crime deterrents that never leave their post and give no room to criminals to try their luck.

So, maximize the protection of your spaces by hiring the best private security services in Orange County, and call us today.

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When Do You Need Standing Guard Protection

Our clients reach out to us for standing guard hiring for a variety of security needs. We help clients protect their residential areas, construction sites, industrial sites, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, parking lots, retail stores, and everything in between.

For the most effective security, however, standing guard protection works for clients who need focused security from a specific vantage point. Since our standing guards remain dedicated to a specific security position, they gain extreme familiarity with the area, knowing its defenses and vulnerabilities better than a mobile patrol ever could.

Trained in threat detection, de-escalation, first aid, self-defense, and incident reporting, they are the best people to have around in case of emergencies and security breaches.

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Security Made Better with a Customer Service Attitude

We understand that the role of modern security services has changed. It means that security personnel not only focus on enforcing rules and preventing security breaches but also aim to create a welcoming and safe environment for everyone involved.

Standing guard at your gate, our security personnel take on the additional duties of being a reassuring and helpful presence to your employees, guests, and visitors. Therefore, we train our officers with a customer-service mindset.

Performing these dual roles, our standing guards in Orange County protect your spaces with the most vigilant security that’s friendly and approachable to those who mean well, and a deterrent to all else.

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Why Choose Eagle Eye Patrol Inc. Standing Guards

Discourage those who seek to disrupt the peace and security of where you live, pray, or work by hiring guards who serve as dependable crime deterrents. Our top-rated standing guards in Orange County help protect your peace by:

  • Your access points are always controlled and monitored for maximum security
  • Emergency response is always at hand when there’s a trained security expert available
  • Fostering a sense of safety and security among residents, employees, and visitors
  • Construction sites enjoy a higher level of security protection with 24/7 standing guard
  • Adaptable security that can immediately adjust its approach to suit the nuances of the situation, ensuring unbreachable protection
  • Loss and theft protection through crime deterrence
  • Providing custom security solutions that work on a wide range of service areas including residential areas, workplaces, schools, religious centers, retail stores, and more.

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