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Top Benefits Of Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Security Guard Services

Crimes against businesses and people keep rising. As technology advances, so do the ways criminals can act on their ill intents and potentially go scot-free. To prevent that from happening, and to protect yourself and your loved ones at your home or workplace, it’s become essential to place your trust in those who know this landscape.

We are talking about professional security guard companies that you can employ to stand guard at your home, office, or factory.

As these companies employ trained and licensed security officers, you can rely on their efficiency, professionalism, and expertise.

Some of the top benefits that you stand to gain when you hire the services of a professional security guard company include these:

Professional security works as a crime deterrent

One of the most useful benefits of having a security guard placed at your door is the simple visibility of it. When a potential criminal sees a uniformed security officer, it works as a deterrent. Most common criminals avoid targeting areas where they can see people or cameras guarding the premises.

When you hire a security guard, their mere presence is usually enough to ward off unwanted attention.

You feel secure and experience peace of mind

Another top benefit of employing security guard services is the peace of mind their presence provides. Whether at home or at work, knowing there’s someone at the door or in the halls keeping a check on things helps everyone exist or interact with each other with more calm and a sense of security.

Security issues are handled efficiently

For a regular person dealing with a security situation, the way ahead can seem confusing or even daunting. What to do now? How to proceed?

A trained security officer can deal with the situation with more control and efficiency. They can call the relevant authorities, file the necessary paperwork, and even document the case with more awareness and understanding.

Emergency and medical aid is always at-hand

Security officers employed by top firms are always trained in first-aid so if there is a medical emergency, they can provide immediate help. Ambulances and other emergency vehicles can take time to arrive. Trained security personnel use this time to administer first aid that can save lives.

A quick response time is guaranteed

Talking about time, it’s important to consider that national and local emergency services cater to a wide area of population. They may not be as quick to the scene as we like. In such cases, security professionals respond quickly and efficiently in providing the help that is needed.

Video surveillance monitors and protects premises at all times

Whether you are employing the security guard company to protect a business or a residential complex, the protection of premises is always a priority. Areas of the property that get low foot traffic, are distant from the rest of the building, or due to any other reason cannot be monitored by patrol guards, can be watched by video surveillance.

Video surveillance also works for premises like construction sites that have to be abandoned during night times or sometimes for even days. A functional security camera installed on a construction site or such deters potential thieves or vandals in staying away.

Identification of suspicious activity is possible

What you may consider as a normal interaction or instance can mean something else entirely to those who know what to look for.

Professional security services are of immense value when it comes to detecting suspicious activities that can be a precursor to actual criminal instances. This identification not only leads to stopping anything from happening but also works as evidence should it come to legal proceedings.

Provides legal protection

Speaking of legal proceedings, having licensed security around your premises works as a protective legal cover. It means having proper documentation of the security event, the correct details that can be relied upon. It also ensures that the right security protocols are met when dealing with the situation. The security guard can also act as a witness should anybody decides to sue.

Detains potential criminals and deals with potential threats

Great for business repute

Businesses that employ full-time security enjoy a heightened level of repute among customers. Whether you own a commercial business or something like a residential complex, attracting clients/tenants to your ground becomes easy when you can show that you are serious about the security of the place.

Lowers the cost of insurance premiums

When you are moving forward with business or home insurance, having security cameras installed around your home or workplace can help lower your insurance premiums.

Insurance companies look at these measures as security deterrents and believe vandals or criminals will potentially avoid targeting such properties. It encourages insurers to lower your premium costs to as much as 5-10%.

Protects from fires and other hazards

Patrol guards, security cameras, and other security measures not only protect against criminal activity but can also alert you in time of other emergencies.

In cases of fire and other hazards, professional security guards can respond quickly, calling emergency teams, providing first aid, and beginning evacuations if necessary.

Adds a layer to customer service

Industries such as retail benefit greatly from security services. Having guards on site adds a layer of customer services to what you are already providing. They are used to guide customers around the place, welcome clients in, allow only authorized people in, and even work as security escorts for high-end clients.

Works as crowd control

Expert security guards are trained in the art of crowd control. This training comes in handy during holiday parades, business rush hours, or when you need someone to keep the order around the shop when Christmas shoppers get anxious to complete their lists.


Having experts taking care of your security measures around your home or office frees you up to focus on other things: spending quality time with family and friends, and working towards taking your business to the next level.

So let Eagle Eye Patrol Inc. take care of the matters from here on out. For a quick quote and free consultation, call us at +1800-757-4118

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